What the World Was Watching: WCW Pro – June 24, 1995

The June 19 edition of WCW Prime featured a new match between Tim Horner and Bunkhouse Buck.

Prime “MOOO” Match of the Week:  Bunkhouse Buck (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (4-7) pins Tim Horner (0-8) after a stomp at 4:12:

Gordon Solie and Dusty Rhodes call the action for this match as Horner’s issues with Buck continue in a singles setting.  Solie and Rhodes get bored calling the match, so they have to start yelling about a phantom fan blocking their view.  Rhodes then makes the mistake of saying that fans are “on their feet” because they are so excited by this encounter, exposed as a lie when the fans facing the hard camera are sitting on their hands.  Horner pulls out some near-falls, bringing out Dick Slater who interferes and holds Horner in place so Buck can win with a stomp – yes, a stomp – as Slater hold’s Horner’s foot.  That has to be the weakest finish to a match that I have ever seen.  Rating:  ¼*

After the bell, Brad Armstrong runs out and attacks Slater, thereby allowing Prime to re-air a match between both teams and treat it as something new.

And now WCW Pro for June 24 with Gordon Solie, Dusty Rhodes, and Larry Zbyszko in charge of commentary.  The show was taped in Dalton, Georgia on June 6.

Tony Schiavone narrates pictures of the action at The Great American Bash.

Opening Non-Title Contest:  The Nasty Boys (WCW Tag Team Champions) (30-2-2) defeat Tom Burton & “Not THAT” Manny Fernandez when Jerry Sags pins Fernandez after the Trip to Nastyville at 2:50:

As the Nasties squash the jobbers, Harlem Heat and Sister Sherri walk down to the ring to scout their opponents since the Heat are getting a title match on Worldwide.  They eventually walk to the back, unwilling to see some clubberin’.

Chris Cruise does a taped interview with the Nasties.  The Nasties say that they are willing to face any challengers for their titles and that they are not afraid of anyone.

Gene Okerlund does the first Bash at the Beach Control Center segment.  WCW Champion Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart do a taped promo where Hogan says WCW is going “to make Woodstock look like a backyard barbecue.”  Hogan vows to drag Vader out into the Pacific Ocean after the match, presumably to drown and kill him.  Announced matches for the show include WCW Champion Hulk Hogan defending his title against Vader in a steel cage match, Randy Savage facing Ric Flair in a lifeguard match (since lifeguards will serve as lumberjacks), Sting defending the United States title against Meng, and the Renegade defending the television title against Paul Orndorff.

Call 1-900-909-9900 to find out who is coming into and out of WCW and other promotions!

Blue Bloods (11-1-1) defeat Gary Jackson & Larry Santo when Lord Steven Regal forces Jackson to submit to the Regal Stretch at 4:58:

Santo tries to get the crowd to clap in unison, but the Dalton crowd are not dummies and they know he is doing the j-o-b here so they do not bother to get behind him.  For the second match in a row, Harlem Heat and Sister Sherri come to scout the action.  Regal just uses that as motivation to destroy Jackson in the corner with some uppercuts and forearms and the poor jobber takes a Tombstone piledriver, Tower of London, and Regal Stretch before he is put out of his misery.  After the bell, the Bloods keep beating up the jobbers to get heat.

Television Championship Match:  The Renegade (Champion w/Jimmy Hart) (3-0) pins Mark Starr after the Renegade Splash at 1:52:

This is another one of those curious television title shots that Starr receives despite not winning a match in WCW all year.  In kayfabe one could suppose that he is getting a shot because champions know he is a relatively easy opponent.  WCW was sensitive to spoiling The Great American Bash, so the Renegade does not have the television title during his entrance since the show was taped three weeks before the pay-per-view.  Starr scores with a lot of strikes but the Renegade eventually stops selling, wins, and screams into the camera that the audience needs to “Feel the power.”

Paul Orndorff (12-3) pins Leroy Howard after a piledriver at 2:49:

Solie announces that the main event on Saturday Night is going to be Harlem Heat facing off against Sting and Road Warrior Hawk.  Orndorff has been very generous in selling offense for jobbers lately, giving Barry Houston some major shine on last week’s Saturday Night and doing the same for Howard here before kneeing him in the gut and hitting a piledriver.

Vader (13-2) beats Ricky Lane after a powerbomb at 1:47:

Vader puts Lane on dream street very quickly with a headbutt and he spikes him into the canvas with a powerbomb as the announcers discuss his title prospects against Hulk Hogan at Bash at the Beach.

Cruise does a taped interview with Vader, who tells Hogan to learn to count to twenty if he does not know how because that is how long he left him laying in Baltimore when they last collided.  He warns Hogan that he becomes an animal in a cage and that the WCW champion will suffer the worst “behind butt beating of his life.”

The Last Word:  Compared to other editions of WCW Pro this was a lazy effort as the broadcast did not have a feature match.  However, it did do some build for Bash at the Beach regarding the tag team title scene and the Vader-Hulk Hogan main event but that is not worth the time of the fans who tuned in on Saturday morning.

Up Next:  WCW Worldwide for June 24!

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Author: lscisco