What the World Was Watching: WCW Saturday Night – June 10, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are doing commentary and they are taped from Atlanta, Georgia.  These tapings were done on June 7.  Tonight’s show is one hour in length due to the usual summer interruption provided by Atlanta Braves baseball.

Opening Contest:  The Renegade (w/Jimmy Hart) (1-0) pins Dave Dalton after a Renegade Splash in 46 seconds:

The Renegade gets a pop during his entrance, but the crowd dies quickly after the opening bell.  Hogan’s friend gets a quick squash to hide his limitations.

Gene Okerlund interviews the Renegade and Jimmy Hart.  Hart says that he looks forward to the Renegade wrestling Anderson.  The Renegade yells about how he is going to come down from the heavens and make Anderson feel his intensity at The Great American Bash.

Diamond Dallas Page (w/the Diamond Doll & Maxx Muscle) (2-0) defeats Frankie Lancaster after the Diamond Cutter at 1:27:

Before Page’s entrance, Dave Sullivan gives a young fan a present to present to the Doll.  Page is incensed when the Doll gets the gift, revealed to be a stuffed bunny, so he rips it apart for cheap heat.  Page’s yelling at the Doll allows Lancaster to mount some early offense but his suplex effort is countered into a powerslam and a Diamond Cutter leaves him laying.

Okerlund interviews Page, the Doll, and Muscle.  Page calls out Dave Sullivan, who comes out with his rabbit.  Page tells Sullivan to leave the Doll alone and when Sullivan says he is not going to listen, Page challenges him to an arm wrestling match where Sullivan can get a date if he wins but if Sullivan loses he surrenders his rabbit and cannot be anywhere near the Doll.  After consulting his rabbit, named Ralph, Sullivan accepts for The Great American Bash.

A vignette for the Dungeon of Doom airs, with Kevin Sullivan finding the Master.  The Master tells Sullivan that he is the last link to darkness, even though Sullivan says he cannot defeat Hulkamania.  The Master says Sullivan will lead a faction called the Dungeon of Doom and will prove successful.

Non-Title Match:  The Nasty Boys (WCW Tag Team Champions) (27-1-1) defeat the Southern Posse when Jerry Sags pins Rick Thames after the Trip to Nastyville at 1:11:

The Posse are not treated as a team during ring introductions even though they are wearing the same gear.  Both teams wrestled each other on the April 8 edition of Worldwide and just like that match, the Posse find no way to counter the Nasties offense, with Rick Thames quickly succumbing to the Trip to Nastyville.  This match builds up the Nasties for a non-title match against the Blue Bloods on tomorrow night’s Main Event.

Okerlund interviews the Nasties, Sags warning the Blue Bloods that they will endure a nasty time on WCW Main Event.  Brian Knobbs promises that tomorrow night the Nasties will be the nastiest they have ever been.

Schiavone urges fans to buy the new WCW Magazine where Ric Flair is on the cover under the headline “Return to Space Mountain.”

Ric Flair (2-0) beats Alex Wright (37-2-1) after reversing an O’Connor roll with a handful of tights at 9:40:

The announcers say that this is tonight’s main event due to “popular demand” since Wright lost via a controversial disqualification against Flair several weeks ago in the United States Championship Tournament.  Several minutes into the match, Randy Savage tries to rush the ring but is held back by a combination of jobbers and security personnel.  Wright tries to take advantage by schoolboying Flair, but the Nature Boy kicks out and is able to work his way up to the figure-four but Wright makes the ropes.  A hot series of counters follows, with Wright forgetting to sell the leg and missing his reverse flying body press, and Flair uses his veteran wit to reverse an O’Connor roll and grab the tights to prevail.  This was a great match that made Wright look like a million bucks in defeat.  It was also refreshing to get an actual finish as opposed to Savage doing a run-in for a disqualification, which would have been the predictable way to book it.  Rating:  ***½

After the bell, Savage tries to attack Flair again but he is once again restrained before he can do further damage.

The Last Word:  The main event was one of the best matches WCW has put on up to this point in 1995, with the booking team doing a good job minimizing Randy Savage’s interference to make it mean something when he tried to get at Ric Flair.  Diamond Dallas Page is also attracting some good, genuine heat from the Atlanta crowds and his feud with Dave Sullivan is one of the better programs WCW has built throughout the year.

Up Next:  WCW Main Event for June 11!

Author: lscisco