What the World Was Watching: WCW Worldwide – May 20, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are doing today’s broadcast and they are taped from Orlando, Florida.

Schiavone hosts an interview with Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, the Renegade, and Jimmy Hart.  Savage says that today is a tune up for Slamboree as the Renegade flexes and bangs his head a lot.  Hogan makes sure to add that Vader is “wart infested.”

Opening Non-Title Contest:  Arn Anderson (Television Champion w/Ric Flair) (10-9-2) pins Bart Sawyer after a DDT at 3:20:

Sawyer was a noted independent journeyman, having worked for Pacific Northwest Wrestling, the United States Wrestling Association, and W*ING during the 1990s.  Arguably his most noted accomplishment was winning the USWA tag team titles twice with Flex Kavana, who later became the Rock.  Some basic wrestling leads to Sawyer receiving an inverted atomic drop on a blind charge and Anderson hitting the DDT to go over.

Okerlund interviews the Blue Bloods, with Lord Steven Regal insulting the audience’s intelligence and calling them xenophobic because they do not he and Earl Robert Eaton.  Eaton says that the Nasty Boys are hideous, thereby laying the groundwork for a post-Slamboree feud.

Big Bubba Rogers (16-1) beats Dave Walby after the Big Bubba Slam at 3:56:

The crowd gives Walby a big reaction when he manages to get in some offense after a Rogers blind charge and that is his only shining moment of the match as Rogers runs through some methodical offense before finishing him off.

Alex Wright (34-0-1) pins Sledgehammer McGill after a small package at 3:15:

Heenan makes a joke about time limits in wrestling, arguing that it was just like Schiavone’s first date when he kept looking at his watch because his date never showed.  Wright hits a beautiful missile dropkick that looks to have been the finish but McGill kicks out, forcing Wright to use a small package for his thirty-fifth victory of 1995.

Okerlund interviews Meng and Colonel Robert Parker.  Parker warns Pillman that Meng will defeat him in the United States Championship Tournament quarter-finals on Main Event.

Dick Slater & Bunkhouse Buck (w/Colonel Robert Parker (6-4) defeat Scott Amour & T.A. McCoy when Buck pins Amour with a right hand at 4:39:

Slater and Buck were supposed to wrestle Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, but the babyfaces do not show up at the entrance point so Amour and McCoy, who were booked to wrestle Ric Flair and Vader in the main event, are used as a replacement team.  Amour is Scott D’Amore, while McCoy was a long-time WCW jobber who was noted for being Joe Thurman’s tag team partner in a handicap match against Vader in 1992 when Vader broke Thurman’s back with a powerbomb.  McCoy passed away at the age of sixty-two on June 1, 2018.  Heenan uses some fun banter with Schiavone over their broadcasting careers to make this match entertaining and it is a nice distraction from the usual dull Slater and Buck squash.

Schiavone interviews Ric Flair, Vader, and Arn Anderson.  Flair says that his faction is on top of the wrestling world, while Vader taunts Hogan by saying that he belongs in Hollywood and not WCW.

After a commercial break, Flair and Vader prepare for their match against a masked duo called Los Dos Amigos.  The masked team, wearing the same costumes as the Dos Hombres tag gimmick that Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas used in 1993, appear scared of the heels but the Renegade suddenly appears to take out Anderson and the duo unmasks, revealing Savage and Hogan.  The babyfaces send the heels into a retreat as the crowd goes nuts.

Schiavone does a second interview with the babyfaces, with Hogan and Savage doing a butchery of the Spanish language.as they make a final pledge to prevail at Slamboree.

The Last Word:  No episodes of Worldwide to this point had an angle running throughout the show so this was a nice change of pace.  The masked reveal at the end got a loud pop from the Disney crowd as they were puzzled as to why Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage did not show up for their bout earlier in the evening.  However, the negative side effect is that it did make the heels look like idiots and that has been a problem with this feud from the beginning because Ric Flair, Vader, and Arn Anderson have not gotten any significant heat against the babyfaces since Uncensored.

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Author: lscisco