What the World Was Watching: WCW Saturday Night – May 20, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are handling commentary duties and they are taped from Atlanta, Georgia.  Tonight’s show is limited to an hour because of Atlanta Braves baseball.

Opening Contest:  Johnny B. Badd (17-4-1) beats Bobby Starr after the Badd Day at 1:32:

Badd does a good job firing up the crowd, throwing some frisbees before the match, giving Starr a Samoan drop, and finishing him with his top rope hurricanrana called the Badd Day.

Meng (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (13-0) pins Eddie Jackie after two thrust kicks at 1:29:

Meng uses this match as a warmup for his United States Championship Tournament quarter-final match against Brian Pillman tomorrow night on Main Event, toying with Jackie early on before blasting him with two thrust kicks.  The camera did not catch the first one well so that must be why Meng repeated the finish.

Schiavone interviews Meng and Parker.  Parker talks in circles and repeats himself a lot, but the message is that Pillman has no manners and Meng will straighten him out.

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Kevin Sullivan (6-2) beats Barry Houston after a double stomp at 2:02:

Sullivan’s theme music sounds similar to the theme music used by Steve Blackman in the WWF a few years later.  Houston gets more offense against Sullivan than all of his previous jobbers combined, but he takes a nasty spill to the arena floor and Sullivan rolls from there.

Eric Bischoff meets with the Diamond Doll a golf course to investigate rumors that she won the $13 million in Las Vegas instead of Diamond Dallas Page.  The Doll says that her real name is Kimberly as Page and Maxx Muscle show up in a golf cart, get the Doll, and speed off.  Page and Muscle proceed to play golf as the Doll carries their bags, which makes no sense because they had a cart.  At the end of the segment Page and Muscle want to play another eighteen holes as the Doll falls over exhausted.  Page just screams at her to get up.

Non-Title Match:  Harlem Heat (WCW Tag Team Champions w/Sister Sherri) (21-2-2) defeat Mark Thorn & An Unnamed Jobber when Booker T pins Thorn after a powerbomb-flying elbow drop combination at 1:51:

Harlem Heat work quickly because of the limited nature of tonight’s broadcast and that makes for a good squash as they use some power moves on Thorn to prevail.

Randy Savage walks the beach with his father Angelo Poffo to get some more advice for Slamboree.  Poffo warns his son that Ric Flair and Vader would never take a match with Savage and Hulk Hogan if they did not have a plan.  Savage gets some women on the beach to feel his muscles, saying that he is now in the best frame of mind for Slamboree, and he says he is going to swim to the Bayfront Center, jumping into the water as everyone follows him like he is Forrest Gump.

United States Championship Tournament Quarter-Finals:  Sting (12-1) beats Paul Orndorff (6-1) via submission to the Scorpion Deathlock at 7:06:

The crowd is fired up to start the match, but it quickly dies as Orndorff prefers to incorporate the slower style he used in the first round against Johnny B. Badd.  After some plodding Orndorff offense, Sting backdrops out of a piledriver effort and immediately applies a Scorpion Deathlock to prevail.  Sting will face the winner of the Meng-Brian Pillman match in the semi-finals.  Rating:  ½*

Schiavone interviews Sting, who tells Big Bubba Rogers that he might have his lights go out before their match at Slamboree because he is going to get too anxious.  Sting deserves some credit for trying to work this “lights out” stuff into his promos but he never made it work well in the buildup to this show.

The Last Word:  Important talents went over on today’s show in the squash matches, but one would think the “go home” broadcast of the A-show would pack more punch going into Slamboree.  It seems weird that Worldwide featured the Los Dos Amigos mask reveal angle featuring the Monster Maniacs and Ric Flair and Vader instead of this broadcast for that very reason.

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Author: lscisco