What the World Was Watching: WCW Worldwide – April 29, 1995

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are doing commentary and they are taped from Orlando, Florida.

Opening Contest:  Meng (w/Colonel Robert Parker) (10-0) pins Scott Sandlin after a thrust kick at 1:49:

Meng is booked to face Marcus Bagwell in the United States Championship tournament on Saturday Night, so this match is building him up for that encounter.  Sandlin, who sort of looks like Ben Shapiro, is tossed around until Meng finishes with what Schiavone calls “the foot.”  That is about the most underwhelming name for a finisher in the history of the sport!

Gene Okerlund interviews Big Bubba Rogers, who says that Sting made a big mistake requesting a “lights out” match at Slamboree because that is his kind of match.  Rogers says he knows all about “lights out” because he used to work in a correctional facility, so I suppose that when the lights went out that is when he beat up Nailz.

Johnny B. Badd (14-3-1) defeats Buddy Vale after Dreamland at 1:23:

Heenan jokes that Badd shoots trash out of his blaster and when Schiavone defends it, Heenan corners him by getting Schiavone to admit that he would not let Badd unleash the confetti at his house.  Badd uses very few moves to win today as he prepares for a future match against Paul Orndorff in the U.S. title tournament.

Pretty Wonderful (1-4) beat Manny Fernandez & Casey Thompson when Paul Roma pins Fernandez after a Paul Orndorff piledriver at 3:00:

One would have thought that Roma had been purged from the WCW film archives weeks ago, but here is a random Pretty Wonderful match that does not make any sense alongside Orndorff’s recent singles push.  The jobbers have no way to counter Pretty Wonderful’s offense, especially Orndorff’s powerful strikes, and Orndorff and Roma win just their second match in 1995.

Okerlund interviews Sting, who says that his fans were not upset that he lost at Uncensored because they knew he was going to bounce back.

The Blue Bloods (5-0) defeat the Fantastics (0-3) when Lord Steven Regal pins Bobby Fulton after the Tower of London at 6:21:

Although Regal towers over both of the Fantastics, he sells a lot for them, putting over their arm work as devastating.  The Blue Bloods also use a creative move to turn the tide, with Regal hotshotting Rogers when Rogers tries to a headscissors to Eaton.  As has been the case at these Worldwide tapings, the Fantastics come close to victory but are robbed as Eaton hits Fulton with the Tower of London behind the referee’s back when Fulton has Regal covered after a double dropkick.  Rating:  **½

Tune in next week to see Stars & Stripes wrestle the Blue Bloods!  Also, the Nasty Boys, Sergeant Craig Pittman, Harlem Heat, and Brian Pillman will be in action!

The Last Word:  The main event would have been much better if it had been given more time to breathe.  Still, it was a great way to put over the cheating ways of the Blue Bloods, who will have a big test on next week’s show against former WCW Tag Team Champions Stars & Stripes.

Up Next:  WCW Saturday Night for April 29!

Author: lscisco