What the World Was Watching: WCW Pro – March 11, 1995

Gordon Solie, Dusty Rhodes & Larry Zybszko are doing commentary and they are still taped from Gainesville, Georgia.

Opening Contest:  Dustin Rhodes (8-1) pins Tom Burton after a bulldog at 4:04:

Dustin looks completely checked out on this match, doing some basic wrestling sequences with Burton and then anemically selling the jobber’s offense, which culminates in a blind charge-bulldog combination.

Sergeant Craig Pittman (1-0) defeats Steve Neely via submission to the Code Red at 2:38:

Pittman has had no character development aside from yelling at fans, thereby aligning him with the heel side of the roster.  Considering his legitimate wrestling pedigree, WCW really missed an opportunity giving him some vignettes before he wrestled his first match.  Pittman talks trash as he wears down Neely’s arm, setting up the Code Red finish.  Pittman needs more exciting offense if he wants to make an impact.

Bobby Eaton (2-5) beats Scott Armstrong after the Alabama Jam at 5:19:

Nothing has gone right for Eaton in 1995 thus far, but the angle with Regal gives him some hopes for the future.  Since both men are occupying the lower midcard – and that is being generous in Armstrong’s case – this match is wrestled as a competitive encounter.  It is not a good one, as Eaton wrestles methodically and spams chinlocks before hitting his finisher.  Rating:  ¼*

Gene Okerlund provides the Uncensored Report.  WCW Champion Hulk Hogan, along with Jimmy Hart, says that Christmas has come early this year.  Hart begs Hogan to tell the audience about the surprise, but Hogan refuses to spill the beans.

Steve Austin pins John Crystal after a piledriver at 2:18:

Austin, sporting a small beer belly, is making a return to television after being sidelined with a knee injury at the end of 1994.  He is in desperate need of a rebuild, losing all momentum ever since he dropped the United States Championship to Hacksaw Jim Duggan in less than thirty seconds at Fall Brawl.  Austin destroys Crystal with a lot of quick strikes, having the best match on the show today.

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Kevin Sullivan & the Butcher (2-1) defeated Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Dave Sullivan via disqualification when Duggan hits the Butcher with the 2×4 at 5:35:

Bobby Heenan would have a field day making fun of this Duggan-Dave pairing.  The Butcher is also sporting bandages on his face to sell the SuperBrawl injury.  The only problem is that he has appeared several times since the pay-per-view and never looked like this.  One would think watching this that Dave has never wrestled before as he is not sure how to grab Kevin and the Butcher for raised chokeholds.  Duggan goes to town after a hot tag, but the Butcher knocks him into the ring post and breaks up Dave’s full nelson on Kevin.  This leads to the Butcher applying a sleeper, causing Kevin to try to smack Dave with the 2×4 for some reason.  However, Duggan gets a hold of it and smacks the Butcher with his weapon of choice in full view of the referee for a disqualification.  The best part is the camera crew completely misses it, showing some frat boys in the crowd instead.  The finish was so convoluted and stupid that it ruined the match, not that there was much to ruin in the first place.  This match snaps Duggan’s fourteen match winning streak.  Rating:  DUD

The announcers hype how Arn Anderson is defending the Television Championship against Alex Wright on WCW Saturday Night.

The Last Word:  This was a terrible show.  Steve Austin looked good in his comeback, although he looks like a Barry Windham clone with all of the mass that he has gained, and that was the lone highlight as the feature tag match was putrid.  One would think that the match was going to be where the Butcher finally turns babyface against Kevin Sullivan but WCW is putting that turn off for another day.

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Author: lscisco