What the World Was Watching: WCW Saturday Night – February 11, 1995

WCW Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat and Stars & Stripes cut promos against each other since they are in the feature match tonight.

Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are today’s commentary team and they are taped from Atlanta, Georgia.

Opening Contest:  Brian Pillman pins George South after a tornado DDT at 4:16:

This marks Pillman’s first match in 1995 after sporting a gimmick of relocating to California.  Aside from a catchy theme song the gimmick has no legs, and Pillman is wrestling in Bobby Eaton-like long tights with random colored stars on them.  The squash gives South too much offense and Pillman wins with a tornado DDT, called a “flying DDT” by Schiavone and Heenan.

A video package puts has Ric Flair reflecting on losing to Hulk Hogan and being forced into retirement at Halloween Havoc.  He warns Hogan that Vader is coming to “rock n’ roll” at SuperBrawl and says that he needs wrestling.  Flair also issues a pseudo challenge to Nick Bockwinkel to face him on the next Saturday Night telecast.

Avalanche (0-2) beats Scott Studd with the Avalanche Splash at 2:18:

Avalanche has not had a lot of luck in singles competition so far this year.  All it takes to get back on track, though, is destroying the future American Male with a big elbow drop and leg drop en route to the Avalanche Splash.

Gene Okerlund interviews Avalanche and Big Bubba Rogers.  Rogers says that he used the Guardian Angels as part of a year-long plan to get at Sting.  Avalanche warns Sting and Randy Savage that they are in the fight of their lives at SuperBrawl.

The Nasty Boys (8-0) defeat John Faulkner & John Stockhauser when Jerry Sags pins Stockhauser after a Trip to Nastyville at 3:13:

The Nasties are really over with the Center Stage audience, who really enjoy the number one contenders giving Stockhauser a Pit Stop.  That is the only thing to say here as the Nasties roll on their way to a title match at SuperBrawl.

Okerlund interviews the Nasty Boys, with Sags saying that he does not care if Stars & Stripes win the titles tonight, which makes no sense because of how the Nasties have been putting over how badly they want to be champions in the past few weeks.  Brian Knobbs warns Sister Sherri not to get involved or she will eat a Pit Stop.

A recap of the Dave Sullivan-Diamond Dallas Page feud is shown.  On WCW ProPage refused to face Sullivan in an arm wrestling match.  Sullivan told Page that he has a piggy bank and Page agreed to face him next week if Sullivan brings the piggy bank with him.

Television Championship Match:  Arn Anderson (Champion w/Colonel Robert Parker & Meng) (3-3) beats Mark Starr at 5:47:

In what kind of wrestling universe doing Starr deserve a title shot?  Coming into this match Anderson is sporting a three-match losing streak.  Schiavone tries to put over Starr but the most he can muster is “This guy is a youngster from Florida.”  In sum, this is a boring pseudo-squash as Anderson does some token arm work, cuts off a Starr comeback, and plants him with a DDT to retain.

Okerlund interviews Arn Anderson, Colonel Robert Parker, and Meng.  Anderson says that no one wants to face him now that he has gotten hot and he issues a challenge to Hulk Hogan.

A video package hypes Sting, with Sting showing the audience his collection of ring jackets.  He claims that he paints his face to psyche out his opponents and get the attention of promoters.  The video concludes with Sting saying that Avalanche definitely submitted at Clash of the Champions and that Big Bubba Rogers will be a stepping stone to another world title reign.

Okerlund interviews Sting and Randy Savage.  Savage says SuperBrawl will never be the same after the tag match they have with Avalanche and Rogers.  Sting promises that he will never change…well, until WCW eventually turns its back on him when the NWO invades a little more than a year later.

Handicap Match:  Vader (U.S. Champion w/Harley Race) beats Mike Corey & Rick Keller when he pins Corey after a powerbomb at 2:41:

Based on the nervous look he gives to the camera, Keller does not seem very happy to be booked to face Vader in this contest.  Corey and Keller’s attires look like caution signs and that is pretty fitting as creates a lot of destruction, with a sizable contingent of fans facing the hard camera cheering him on.  Vader pins both jobbers just because he can, although the pin on Corey officially ends the bout.

Okerlund interviews Vader and Harley Race.  Vader says that he has spies telling him that Hulk Hogan cannot eat or sleep because he is so nervous about SuperBrawl.  He concludes by saying that it will be “Vader time” next Sunday.

Kevin Sullivan (w/the Butcher) (0-1) pins Davey Rich after a double stomp at 2:09:

Schiavone warns that Rich better get ready for a butt kicking and he definitely gets one here as Sullivan dissects his arm, the Butcher puts him in a sleeper on the outside, and Sullivan nails his finisher to reminds fans that he is a dangerous force going into SuperBrawl.

Okerlund conducts an interview with Sullivan and the Butcher.  Sullivan says that he will beat his brother Dave like when they were kids.  He also says that the Faces of Fear will be watching the WCW Championship match.  The Butcher says he should be the champion but says that is water on the bridge because Vader will destroy Hulkamania next Sunday.

WCW Tag Team Championship Match:  Harlem Heat (Champions w/Sister Sherri) (6-0) defeat Stars & Stripes (6-2) when Booker T pins the Patriot after a double axe handle to the back of the head at 13:32:

Marcus Bagwell hiptosses Booker T over the top rope in the early going of the match, which should be a disqualification, and Schiavone tries to somehow make the argument that Booker was not “deliberately” thrown out so a disqualification was not ordered.  The challengers wrestle with a lot of fire, taking the fight to Booker in the early going, and the Heat are only able to turn the tide with some timely cheating when Bagwell gets knocked to the floor.  Things slow down significantly in the middle when the Heat go through a series of rest holds to neutralize Bagwell.  The Patriot appears to have Stars & Stripes in position to win the titles after a flying shoulder block and a rollup but Sherri rakes his eyes and the Heat hit him with a double team from behind and retain.  The hot crowd made this fun and it had a better finish than their previous encounter when the Heat won the titles.  Rating:  ***

After the match, Sherri performs multiple splashes off the top rope onto Bagwell until the Nasty Boys intervene and send the Heat to the locker room.

A video package hypes the Hulk Hogan-Vader match at SuperBrawl.

Okerlund does a taped interview with WCW Champion Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart.  Hogan implies that the WWF is a second rate promotion as he argues that he is ready for Vader.  Hogan tells Hart that his job at SuperBrawl is to watch Ric Flair in case he tries to get involved.

The Last Word:  Most of the big feuds seem tapped out in terms of new storyline developments so SuperBrawl really needs to be the next day instead of eight days away.  The Randy Savage & Sting promos have made no sense, but the whole pay-per-view is built around Hulk Hogan and Vader and WCW has done a great job building that match.  It took a lot to make anyone a threat to Hogan in this era but Vader was a believable contender for the title.

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Author: lscisco