What the World Was Watching: WCW Main Event – February 19, 1995

Eric Bischoff and Dusty Rhodes are the commentators and they are live from Baltimore, Maryland.  SuperBrawl V is just an hour away.

United States Champion Vader is shown pulling up to the arena earlier in the day in a limo.  He screams about how it is “Vader time” and talks to someone who is still in his limo after he gets out.  The cameraman is bullied away when he tries to get a peek.  Vader proceeds to destroy the window of a second limo when it pulls up as he thinks Hulk Hogan is inside.  Sadly, it is just a random guy in business attire.

Gene Okerlund raises the question about whether Ric Flair was in Vader’s limo.  Okerlund says he will try to talk to Flair this evening and he urges fans to buy the pay-per-view.

Opening Contest:  Paul Orndorff beats Brad Armstrong (1-0) with the Flair pin at 3:44:

Orndorff, a former WCW television and tag team champion, has been teaming with tag team partner Paul Roma on the house show circuit and this is his first television appearance in 1995.  Armstrong carries much of the offense of the match, which barely gets out of first gear, and the ending is flat as Orndorff hot shots Armstrong across the top turnbuckle to escape some punches and slowly covers him for the win.  Rating:  *½

Okerlund interviews Colonel Robert Parker and the Stud Stable.  Bunkhouse Buck says that he has never knocked out a billy goat that looks like Hacksaw Jim Duggan, the Blacktop Bully pledges to make roadkill out of Dustin Rhodes, and WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson argues that Johnny B. Badd can bring whatever lumberjacks he wants to the ring but he is not going to take his title.

Stars & Stripes (6-3) defeat Romeo Valentino & Dino Cassanova when the Patriot pins Valentino after Uncle Slam at 1:10:

Valentino and Cassanova were known as the Goodfellows on the independent circuit, wrestling in the Maryland-based Mid-Eastern Wrestling Federation.  Valentino would later go on to win the Maryland Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Championship three times, while Cassanova would win the MEWF Heavyweight title twice.  He passed away from a heart attack in 2002.  This squash is hardly shown to viewers as Vader comes out, bullies Eric Bischoff, and heads toward the ring.  The Patriot is able to score the winning pin just before Vader gets in and powerbombs everyone.

Bischoff and Dusty recap Vader’s crazed activities during the day thus far.  Bischoff says that there “was a lot of blonde hair” in the limo that Vader arrived in earlier in the day.

Okerlund says that the crowd does not like Vader, although he does not attract a lot of boos that one would expect a big heel to generate against the guy the promotion bills as its top babyface.  A video package recaps the Vader-Hulk Hogan feud, conveniently looking over Hogan not selling Vader’s powerbomb at Clash of the Champions.

Okerlund hypes the wrong main event, saying that Hogan is going to wrestle Ric Flair tonight.  He quickly segways into footage from WCW Saturday Night where Sting, Randy Savage, Big Bubba Rogers, and Avalanche got into a big brawl at the end of a Rogers squash match.

Lumberjack Match for the Television Championship:  Arn Anderson (Champion w/Colonel Robert Parker & Meng) (4-3-1) defeats Johnny B. Badd (6-2-1) when the Blacktop Bully tosses Badd off the top rope at 4:28:

This bout gets the Michael Buffer treatment.  The lumberjacks for this match are Bunkhouse Buck, the Blacktop Bully, Dustin Rhodes, Alex Wright, Kevin Sullivan, Paul Roma, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and Dave Sullivan.  And the Great Muta is shown in the crowd, sans face paint.  As one can expect, the lumberjacks waste no time finding a pretext to fight each other since they all have matches later in the evening and when referee Nick Patrick gets distracted by that it allows the Bully to toss Badd off the top rope and Anderson retains.  This was just “there” as the SuperBrawl hype jettisoned any hopes for a fun match.  Rating:  *

Bischoff, Dusty, and Okerlund hype SuperBrawl, with Okerlund implying Flair was in Vader’s limo.

The Last Word:  Using Main Event as a vehicle to attract buys for that evening’s pay-per-view was a piece of genius marketing as it allowed fans to see the arena setup and get excited about the show.  The wrestling was nothing to write home about on this broadcast, but it did a great job making Vader look like a wrecking machine and stoking interest in what Ric Flair might do at SuperBrawl.

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Author: lscisco