What the World Was Watching: Monday Night RAW – June 19, 1995

Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler are on commentary and are broadcasting from Struthers, Ohio as we conclude the tapings and prepare for this weekend’s King of the Ring pay-per-view.  McMahon says that the stench coming from our television set is due to Lawler’s feet.

Opening Contest:  The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) (7-0) pins Mike McReynolds after a Tombstone at 2:24:

McReynolds acts like he is dying as the Undertaker beats him from pillar to post.  McMahon and Lawler put over that the Undertaker will have to deal with Mabel’s size at The King of the Ring.  After winning the Undertaker stuffs McReynolds in a body bag.

Lawler still has his foot prop and makes fun of Helen Hart’s feet.  He promises to make Bret kiss his feet at The King of the Ring.

A video package recaps the Bob Backlund-Man Mountain Rock feud.  Rock cuts a pre-taped promo where he says that Backlund has gotten his attention.

Adam Bomb (13-3-2) defeats Bill Payne after the Neutron Bomb at 1:56:

Payne attacks Bomb before the bell but that gets him nowhere, with Bomb racking up another squash win to pad his record.

Todd Pettengill gives the final King of the Ring Report.  Lawler unveils a second foot prop by the commentary position during the segment.  Bret Hart rebuts that he will make Lawler kiss his very own feet after the match.

Barry Didinski tries to sell more “Diesel Power” t-shirts.  You can get yours by calling 1-800-TITAN-91 and paying $16 (plus $3.95 shipping & handling)!

Sid & Tatanka (w/Ted DiBiase) (1-0) beat the New Headshrinkers (4-2-3) when Tatanka pins Sione after a spike powerbomb on the arena floor at 9:03 shown:

After being a part of the WWF tag team division for the better part of the last three years in two different combinations, this is the last time that the Headshrinkers appear as a team on television.  They do not have Afa or Captain Lou Albano in their corner, telegraphing how far they have fallen off the company’s radar, and they were doing jobs to the Blu Brothers and Men on a Mission on house shows during the spring and summer.  Their last match was at Royal Albert Hall against Men on a Mission as part of the company’s European tour and prior to tonight’s match they had not been on television since May 6, where they lost to Owen Hart and Yokozuna.  Since the Headshrinkers are being phased out for a Fatu singles push they are sacrificed to Sid and Tatanka to bolster their standing before The King of the Ring but as was the case with the Sid and Tatanka squash on Superstars, things plod along and it makes people not want to see the pay-per-view main event.   Some of Fatu’s dancing antics and a Sione hot tag segment bring things up a bit but the finish is very anti-climactic as Sid powerbombs Fatu and then powerbombs Sione with Tatanka’s help on the floor.  Rating:  *

WWF Champion Diesel & Bam Bam Bigelow cut a really awkward promo about how they have heart and will power through adversity to win at The King of the Ring.

Lawler says that his foot props are “exact replicas” of Stu and Helen Hart’s feet.  A video package then shows Lawler’s “dungeon of torture.”

Hunter-Hearst Helmsley (6-0) pins Buck Quartermaine after a Pedigree at 2:44:

Helmsley is beginning to work a more methodical style in his squashes, making one wonder whether he has been talking to Scott Hall about how to put these matches together.  The Pedigree looks more devastating during this era because Helmsley kept the arms hooked throughout the entire move, although that also made it a more dangerous finisher for talent to take.

Call 1-900-737-4WWF to hear what plan WWF President Jack Tunney may implement to fill Razor Ramon’s spot in The King of the Ring if he cannot compete.

Shawn Michaels (9-1) beats Gus Kantarrakis after two Sweet Chin Musics at 4:20:

Michaels does not take this match seriously, patting Kantarrakis on the rear end, skipping around the ring, and then taking a moment to hop over the guardrail and chill with the crowd.  He also plays to the crowd by giving Kantarrakis his finisher twice, once on the arena floor and once in the ring, as women cheer and McMahon does the hard sell for him.  Referee Earl Hebner also slow counts the pin for reasons that are unknown to anyone but him.

After the bell, Kama runs out to attack Michaels but Michaels fights him off.  The Undertaker walks out to get a piece of Kama and Mabel walks out behind him.  Get ready for chaos at The King of the Ring!

Lawler issues a final promise that he will defeat Bret Hart at The King of the Ring and that Bret will soon have to kiss his career goodbye.

Tune in next week to see Jeff Jarrett defend the Intercontinental title against Savio Vega!

The Last Word:  This show still stands out to me more than twenty years later because at the time it was so terrible.  As a young fan nothing here aside from the final segment made me want to see The King of the Ring, although Lawler is doing his best to put over his feud with Bret and their ridiculous gimmick match.  Even Diesel looks like he cares very little for the main event and Bam Bam Bigelow being reduced to a smiling doofus does nothing to add to that bout.

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Author: lscisco