What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – January 21, 1995

Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler are doing commentary and they are still taping shows in Newark, Delaware.

Opening Non-Title Contest:  Razor Ramon (Intercontinental Champion) (1-1) pins Charlie Hunter after a Razor’s Edge at 2:18:

Lawler has a great line during this squash where he tells McMahon that Ramon should not mess with Hunter.  When McMahon inquires why Lawler responds by saying “Because he will hopefully do something about it!”  It does not take long for Ramon to win today as he coasts toward the Royal Rumble to defend his title against Jeff Jarrett.

After the match, Jarrett appears on the big screen near the entrance and demands that Ramon put the Intercontinental title on the line immediately.  When Ramon goes to accept his microphone will suddenly not work and Jarrett says that Ramon’s lack of words shows that he is a coward.  After the commercial break it is revealed that the Roadie is the one that cut Ramon’s mic.

Henry Godwinn (1-0) beats Rich Myers after a Slop Drop at 2:26:

Godwinn had one of the worst theme songs in the company at this time as it consisted of a few plucks of a banjo and him yelling “Sooie!”  Godwinns shows off a few power moves and Myers does not muster a lick of offense as he goes down in less than three minutes.

Stephanie Wiand lets us know that we need to call our local cable company so that we can order the Royal Rumble.  Owen Hart says that all of his predictions in 1994 came true so the same will happen in 1995, beginning with a victory in the Royal Rumble.

Man Mountain Rock is coming to the WWF!  He gives his thoughts on Nirvana and Metallica and that he looks forward to his dual career as a musician and wrestler in the near future.

Adam Bomb (1-0) defeats Mark Starr after the Neutron Bomb at 3:02:

This is a slow squash because it serves as a way to get an insert promo hyping Bomb’s chances in the Rumble and for Lawler to “read a letter of apology” from William Shatner concerning how he treated Lawler two weeks ago on RAW.  Bomb destroys Starr with some clotheslines and then hits a nice flying clothesline, which Starr leaps up for thereby adding to its visual effect, to win the bout.

Todd Pettengill provides the Royal Rumble Report.  Newly announced entrants for the Rumble include the New Headshrinkers and the Heavenly Bodies.  We are informed that the 1-2-3 Kid and Bob Holly withdrew so they could focus on the tag team championship finals so the Smoking Gunns are taking their place.  The fact that there were six tag teams in this match (Headshrinkers, Gunns, Bodies, Bushwhackers, the Blu Brothers, and Well Dunn) was a clear sign that this was the weakest Rumble in company history up to this point.  The one nice thing about the report is that WWF Champion Diesel actually cuts a good promo against Bret Hart, noting that it is time for Bret’s comeback to die at the Rumble.

Another Kama vignette is shown.  Once the vignette is shown, Vince refers to him as “The Kama.”

King Kong Bundy (w/Ted DiBiase) (3-0) pins Nick Barberri after an elbow drop at 1:36:

Bundy has been on a rampage of destruction during the month of January, scoring his biggest win against the British Bulldog on The Action Zone several weeks prior to this encounter.  Barberri bumps well for Bundy, flying out of the ring like he was sent by a slingshot when Bundy tosses him into the corner, and is finished off by a big fat elbow.  McMahon warns the audience that Bundy is the “odds on favorite” to win the Rumble, a favorite talking point of his for several weeks now.

The Heartbreak Hotel welcomes Bret Hart as its guest this week, with this segment being taken from a recent house show.  Bret says that Diesel may have Jackknifed him at the King of the Ring last year but that proves little because he did not pin him or make him submit.  Bret gets tired of Michaels cutting him off in the segment so he grabs the mic and goes into a long-winded spiel about how he want his title back.

Aldo Montoya (1-0) beats Nick Torentino after a springboard flying bulldog off the second rope at 2:24:

Erin Bechtold, a young girl that cannot be more than eight years old, is our guest ring announcer and she does not do her job with a lot of enthusiasm.  However, that is the risk you run when you pick young fans who can barely read.  Montoya was the WWF’s version of a light heavyweight in this period and who knows, maybe if the light heavyweight title was around in 1995 instead of 1997 he may have had a more successful run with this gimmick.  Montoya’s finisher is also really convoluted.  Why not just do a standard flying bulldog or aim to do something more direct such as a missile dropkick?

King Kong Bundy says he does not care who wins the WWF title match at the Royal Rumble because he is going to beat either man at WrestleMania after he wins the Rumble match.  This promo occurs on Wiand’s Live News segment.

Owen Hart comes out to tell McMahon and Lawler that he is going to win the Rumble.  Jim Neidhart says the winner is really going to be him, which is funny because he has already been removed from the match by the time this segment is making television, and he is followed by the British Bulldog, Adam Bomb, and Shawn Michaels who all make their case for winning.

The Last Word:  After being treated to some big matchups in January due to the tag team championship tournament, this week was simply used to build up a few acts for the Rumble match.  That makes sense but it makes for a dull show because all you hear from McMahon and Lawler is “(X wrestler) can win the Royal Rumble!” constantly.  Next week will start a slow build to WrestleMania since the Rumble will be complete and we will get a fresh perspective since this was the last of the Newark taping episodes.

Up Next:  The Action Zone from January 22!

Author: lscisco